TECH offers a complete solution of carbide cutters, regroovers, buffing, and skiving tools.

TECH\'s Encapsulated Wire Brushes are used to remove rubber surrounding steel cables when performing section repairs.
Buffing Wheels & Accessories
TECH's buffing wheels are the right tool for tire repair preparation.
Carbide Cutters
TECH diamond-cut Carbide Cutters and Burrs are used to remove damaged steel cables and loose wire in radial tires thus ensuring proper tire injury preparation.
Gouges & Accessories
TECH\'s Rotary Gouges with their razor-like surfaces enable maximum removal of large quantities of rubber.
Grinding Stones
TECH Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stones and Blades are used to remove all loose steel wire when making section repairs.
Rotary Rasps & Blades
TECH Rotary Rasps and Blades are designed to ensure faster removal of rubber resulting in a better inner liner texture and stronger repair unit adhesion.