TECH has all the tools needed to properly repair the tire, including scrapers, stitchers, probes, markers, and other tools.

Applicators / Material Cleaning
TECH offers a complete line of product applicators and brushes which are designed to make product application simple and easy.
Insert Tools & Replacement Needles
All of TECH\'s valve hardware product lines fulfill the ISO/TS16949-2002 certification by TUV SUD Management Services GmbH.
Marking Tools
Paint Markers and Mechanical Markers are an integral part of the tire inspection, tire repair and tire identification process.
Miscellaneous Hand Tools
TECH has developed a wide range of hand tools that make daily tasks easier. Whether it is measuring, cutting, scribing, inserting, packing or stitching.
Probes, Awls, Spiral Cement & Packing Tools
TECH Awls and Probes effectively help the technician to determine the type, size and scope of the tire injury.
TECH has a complete line of Regroovers, Blades and Accessories for cutting tread designs into a repaired tire.
Stitchers, Scrapers & Cutting Tools
TECH\'s stitchers and scrapers are essential tools for proper tire repair.
Tire Repair Template
TECH has a full-line of tire repair templates.
Torque Wrenches & Torque Check Tools
When precision is key, TECH Torque Wrenches and Torque Check Tools allow you to tighten lug nuts to exact specifications.